the adventure of a life time!

“Go sailing now my friend,

                it is later than you think”


The Delta

In this case the West Delta.  Basically San Pablo Bay, Carquinez Straits and Suisun Bay.  Some of he pretties parts of the delta system.  Stoping places along the way could be China Camp, Crocket, Benicia, Suisun Slough and Suisun City.  With a stop for the night on the return trip at Angel Island before disembarking back in Sausalito.

Scenes along the Water

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is a region where two of California's largest rivers meet. Freshwater from the rivers mingles with saltwater from the Pacific Ocean, creating the West Coast’s largest estuary. Composed of 57 leveed island tracts and 700 miles of sloughs and winding channels, the Delta is a unique blend of small town communities, busy ship ports, farmlands, industries, highways, historical sites, and marinas.

When first explored by the Spanish in the 1770s, the Delta was a vast marsh covered with tules and teeming with wildlife. Settlers, mostly unsuccessful Forty-niners, began farming the region shortly after the start of the Gold Rush. To reclaim the land from swamp like conditions, they began to build levees. The levees were raised and strengthened over time and now protect islands whose surface can be 20 feet or more below the outside water level.

To this day, this area is fantastic to escape to the wild of open waterways and grass lands. Just you and the birds enjoying the warm water and hot sun.

Benicia and West Delta
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In the 1800's, China Camp was a settlement of Chinese families who harvest shrimp in the bay. It's now a State Park with a museum, picnic tables, and a concession stand during weekends.

It is just far enough away from the central bay that you really feel like you have gotten away. You can actually see a sky full of stars at night.

Summertime is the best time for China Camp. This is when it gets hot enough to heat the shallow waters to make swimming refreshing and just bearable. The historic structures and "museum" are interesting. Nice hiking trails and picnic grounds as well.

Suisun Slough  By boat;

As you pass the two bridges, Carquinez and Benicia, follow the north side of Suisun Bay pass the Moth Ball Fleet and make the first left at the green marker which is the entrance to Suisun Slough.  I anchor in the first bend, on the south west end of Joice Island, very pleasant, not much boat traffic and well protected from the wind.

Mountains of the East Bay rising in the distance.