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Charter Channel Islands

A very nice cruising area in Southern California with Ventura and Santa Barbara on the mainland, with the islands of Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel.

Anacapa Island, Cathedral Cove

Wonderful memories of this cove, although it's been quite a while. Beautiful stop, bouncy. Wonderful snorkeling.  There is 20'-40' inside the cove with large rocks. It's suggested to anchor out and dinghy in. There is a small beach.

Santa Cruz Island, Little Scorpion

A great area to explore. Easy anchorage, sometimes crowded in summer as easily accessible from Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Channel Islands. Sandy bottom, 20 to 40 feet of water; typically two anchors due to surge and need to avoid swinging.

Prisoners Harbor

An anchorage for six to ten boats with good protection from W to SE winds and swell. It is open to winds and swell from NW to E. It's a good starting point for access to Santa Cruz Island. No permit is needed to access this and the island area to the east. The large rock beach has low surf and is accessible for landing.

Pelican Bay

This is a large anchorage easily approached. The best holding ground for anchoring tends to be far in and/or on the west side by the rocks - typically 15' to 30'. Holding in the center area is poor due to heavy kelp growth. Anchoring on the east side is possible but is more exposed to the lee shore. Typically two anchors are used - larger vessels often anchor out and swing on one anchor.

Frys Harbor

Santa Barbara breakwater was quarried from this site. Although popluar it is a bit more difficult to reach (due to distance and wind direction) than popular anchorages such as Pelican, Prisoners, and anchorages to the east. It is a delightful anchorage, several good areas to explore, and good hiking or just exploring the beach area.Good anchorage in all but extreme conditions. Avoid here in strong NE winds. It is located just east of Diablo Point. The most westerly anchorage provides protection from afternoon winds and surge.  It is easily approached, located to east of Diablo Point which is near the highest point on the western side of the island. It has a rocky beach with depths that drop quickly to 15 feet of water. Many locals tuck in close to shore and/or favor the west wall. Typically two anchors with bow in due to common early evening winds which normally die down a bit after sunset. Larger boats can anchor out a bit further in 50+ feet of water.

Ladys Harbor

Two snug anchorages. Little Lady's has room for 2 boats max.

Cueva Valdez

A great summer anchorage with a sandy beach and caves.  Very beautiful anchorage, normally not croweded, avoid in heavy weather due to surge (go to Fry's or further east).

Santa Rosa Island

Best side of the island for protection is a play ground for the navy. Anti-ship mining operations take place at frequent and irregular intervals, including weekends, throughout the year. They are conducted as air drops from low-flying aircraft or released from submarines. Submerged metallic remains from these operations may pose a hazard to fishing operations conducted along the seabed.  There are no harbors, but anchorage may be made in Bechers Bay and Johnsons Lee. There are several good boat landings.

San Miguel Island, Cuyler Harbor

Beautiful remote feeling anchorage.  Beautiful harbor with sandy beaches and lots of marine life. Beach area is accessible, trails and remainder of island require a permit to access.

Santa Barbara

Very popular harbor and only one between Ventura and Moro Bay. Very safe, many activities within easy walking distance (maritime museum, aquarium, dolphin trips, local tours (at end of wharf). Walk up State Street from whaf for a plethora of restaurants, theaters, and shopping. Well stocked West Marine is near (separate from one at harbor). The Indian restaurant, the first on the left on the way up to the shops is the best. Many hotels within easy walk. Virtually any boater you meet at the docks will be very happy to provide information.  Downtown's Historic Arts District in the Heart of Santa Barbara. Enjoy fine dining, unique shops and a variety of cultural venues including galleries, performing arts, historic sites and museums.


All along the coast of California, travelers find communities that each exhibit their own charm and ambience.  Ventura is no exception and, in fact, is often cited as a stand alone experience that epitomizes the California of days gone by, while simultaneously providing amenities found in much more urban settings. 

Visitors to Ventura enjoy the abundant arts and cultural activities, outdoor adventures and the rich fusion of agricultural abundance and ocean side proximity that make it a chef's paradise. The Channel Islands National Park lies just off shore as does a National Marine Sanctuary. The Los Padres National Forest is found in Ventura's foothills while two of California's longest flowing open rivers help to form the city's boundaries.

Channel Islands
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